Alkaline Immersion Heaters

Alkaline Immersion Heater is made out of S.S316L; it is used for Heating alkaline solutions, wax, paraffin, Solvent vapor cleaning, salt baths and soft metal melting. Most Alkaline cleaning solutions, detergents and Chemicals are normally corrosive to mild steel. Thus, for heating water or alkali solutions, wax, paraffin, and fuel Oil pre-heating vegetable or mineral Oils, picking, quenching and rinsing solution soft metal melting, solvent Vapors cleaning, electroplating solution, chromic phosphoric, our alkaline heaters are used. High strength Utmost precision Low maintenance High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters Come: SS 304 & SS 316 construction Watt Density: 12 watt/sq.cm Low Voltage: 12 or 24 Volt Cartridge Heaters in Brass: SS 304 sheath with watt density of 4 watt /sq.cm Max Temperature: SS tube 400 °C, for Brass tubes 200°C